EDF Systems is your trusted partner for all your fibre optic cable installation, termination, and testing needs, ensuring reliable network connectivity for your applications and equipment.

We are experienced in installing a wide range of fibre optic cables to suit different requirements. Whether you need outdoor underground loose tube fibre optic cable, indoor riser fibre optic cable, or armoured fibre optic cable for specific applications, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our preferred method of termination is splicing factory-made pigtails to the cables, ensuring secure and efficient connections.

To guarantee the highest standards of quality, we have recently upgraded our testing equipment to FLUKE DSX 5000 OTDR’s and LSPM units. With these advanced tools, we meticulously test your fibre optic cables to ensure flawless performance and provide you with the peace of mind that your installation has been executed correctly.

We understand the importance of precise splicing, which is why our splicing machines and cleavers undergo regular servicing and maintenance. This meticulous approach ensures that every splice is perfect, meeting the required performance standards set for fibre optic cables.

In addition to our fibre optic services, EDF Systems excels in installing voice integrated cabling backbone systems. From mainframes (MDFs, Main Distribution Frames) to sub mainframes (IDFs or Floor Distributors), we tailor our solutions to suit your industry-specific applications in buildings and campuses.

Trust EDF Systems for professional, reliable, and efficient fibre optic and voice cabling installations that meet the highest industry standards.

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